Thursday, November 22, 2012

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We took some of our musically-talented missionaries with us to visit Sister Heyman. She is my friend that is the wife of the president of the Resistencia Mission. Sister Heyman is currently living and having therapy at a rehabilitation facility near Buenos Aires.

The hospital was very pleased to welcome us and even helped us to keep it a surprise for Sister Heyman.

After visiting with her for a while, we decided to go for a walk. Then she said that those people over there look like missionaries! She was right!

They sang beautifully and Sister Heyman mostly cried, but they were tears of joy!

They invited all the patients and workers to attend since we were there during the lunch time and quite of few of them did. One of my favorite moments, and there were many, was when one of the patients thanked Sister Heyman for being the catalyst of this wonderful experience.

Afterwards, there were hugs for the hermanas and handshakes for the elders.

A million thank yous later, we took them all back to the mission home for lunch.

...Here is a million and one thank yous...Thank you Doug and Debbie Carter and your missionaries!

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  1. A million and two thank yous! What a sweet and thoughtful thing for the Carter's to plan and the missionaries to do. Although, I'm jealous of all the hermanas that got hugs from mom! ;) thank you thank you Carter's for being such good people and friends!