Friday, February 22, 2013

It is not a rumor if it is true...

From the day that Diane and I arrived in the Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia people were asking about plans to divide the mission. In fact, I even read on some blogs before we arrived that that was going to be the first thing that happened when I arrived. Rumors came and rumors went. The fact is that plans were being worked on, revised, reviewed, discussed and submitted.

Today, the Church announced that it was forming the new Mision Argentina Posadas. It will be comprised of the Province of Misiones, the towns of Ituzaingo, Virasoro and Santo Tome (in Corrientes) and parts of Paraguay. It will start operating on July 1st, 2013!

Diane and I will miss being with the people of Misiones, Ituzaingo, Virasoro and Santo Tome. We have some great friends there and had some memorable experiences there (not to mention Diane's stroke). Still, we are thrilled that the people will have more missionaries in their area and more local leadership to help them.

Congratulations to all of the missionaries, members and leaders who over the years built the foundation for there to be 2 missions in this great part of Argentina. It will be exciting to see where this all leads in the upcoming years. But for now...there is a lot of work to do to get things ready for July 1st!

On to the next rumor...

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