Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Compromise?

Tomorrow is our first Zone and District Leaders' Council since Diane's return. We had a nice conversation about how Diane was not going to overdo herself. That means not cooking lunch or dinner for 70 people. Instead we are ordering pizzas for lunch and empenadas for dinner. Diane is going to do a presentation that she has been working on, so we were all agreed and set to go.
I came home from some interviews this afternoon and found this on the kitchen counter...

There seems to be a common occurrence in the kitchen when I am not around. But this will not feed 70 missionaries! It seems the grocery store was out of eggs when Diane last went. So a quick phone call to the Assistants (who will do anything possible for Diane) resulted in this Sunday delivery...

Just enough eggs to finish Diane's, they did not go to the store to get more eggs on Sunday...but the Office Secretaries are in for a surprise tomorrow when they open their refrigerator to make some scrambled eggs. A few Brownies in the afternoon should make up for it, though. Really, I am trying to get Diane to slow down and while I would not consider this a complete victory it is a pretty good first compromise!
P.S....Of course, this is what I later found out was part of Diane's "little" presentation...

The compromise is starting to look a little like I was out manuevered!


  1. I am totally laughing! Please Mom, don't do too much!!! But if the brownies don't feel like, "too much," then I know there are some happy missionaries.

  2. She's such a sweetheart! Tell her thanks for being my son's mom while he's there :)