Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Sting

Diane tells Jennifer (in Buenos Aires) she is craving a Chipolte Chicken Burro. (no Chipoltes on this continent) Jen calls Tim (in Chandler, Arizona) and tells him to pick up a Chipolte Chicken Burro. Tim picks up two Chicken and two Steak Burros and gives them to Alli (who is at our home in Chandler watching Jen and Tim's boys) who wraps them, has them put in a suitcase with cold gel ice packs and gives the suitcase to Barbara who drops the suitcase off to Lori (in Mesa Arizona). At 11:17 am Friday morning Lori leaves Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and arrives in Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires at 7:55 am Saturday. Jorge picks Lori up at the airport and takes her to La Clinica Fleni in Escobar (a barrio in Buenos Aires) where she catches up with Diane, Jennifer and Ray. At 11:30 am Saturday in La Clinica Fleni this momentous event takes place...

Diane and Ray are eating Chicken Burros from the Chipolte off of Alma School Road in Chandler, Arizona. Welcome to the 21st Century!


  1. That is absolutely amazing! and exactly what I would crave if I was away from Mexican food for more than a week.

  2. I will never eat a more delicious Chipotle burro!

  3. Once again from reading this blog, I am both smiling and shedding tears at the same time. Thinking and praying for you all often!