Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten Years Later...

I know of only one person who has returned to his mission ten years after he finished, was chauffeured around by the current Mission President, given a room to stay in at the Mission Home...and is allowed to call the Mission President, "Dad". And that would be my son, Chris!

Who left his little family for two weeks to visit Diane in Buenos Aires and then me in Resistencia. While in Resistencia we attended the Resistencia South Stake Conference. Chris served as a Zone Leader there and is friends with the man who is now the Stake President...so Chris spoke 3 times in Stake Conference! I quickly transformed from President Heyman to Elder Heyman's father. It was awesome! Here are some photos that I was able to quietly take:

These current local Church Leaders were teenagers when Chris was here and would take them on visits with him. Now they are returned missionaries, husbands and fathers, Bishops, counselors, etc.

There were some great stories re-lived with families who Chris knew and who remembered him fondly.

Here is Chris on Monday fielding questions from Zone Leaders and District Leaders...I said any question was fair game, so there were the questions, "How did you meet and propose to your wife", "What would you have done different on your mission", and of course "What was your Father's most embarrassing moment"!

One of the first things Chris and I did was go to San Jose and buy a medio kilo of chipa...which was quickly devoured.

We start traveling tomorrow and Sunday will attend a District Conference in Eldorado...where he served in the town of Montecarlo. He better start preparing his talks now!

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