Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

July 12, 1979: Mesa, Arizona

July 12, 2011: Corrientes, Argentina ("The" McDonalds)

July 12, 2012: Formosa, Argentina (Lunch with Missionaries)

Of course we had to let the missionaries see that old people who love each other still can kiss...

And then this little surprise at our "private dinner" at the Hotel around 9:30 pm...

Our waiter, who has become our friend, had the chef bake this vanilla cake with dulce de leche and creme, and presented it to us as our gift from them, "on the house"!

Can't wait to see where we celebrate in 2013! Feliz Aniversario, mi amor, te quiero mucho.


  1. Awww! This brought tears to my eyes. So happy the missionaries thought of you... and the waiter too! We love you! The kissing picture may have been a bit too much. haha! Jk.

  2. I'm so happy the missionaries had the cake surprise and I'm very impressed with the dulce de leche dessert as well! (And I'm glad you were at a nice hotel on your anniversary, too!)

    Great pics. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Good post! The kissing picture makes me laugh.