Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Question

Someone recently posed the following question to me, "So, what do you have to say after being in the mission for one year?" That is not a question you can answer easily or without some thought. The answer is pleasantly complex. Here are some thoughts that at some point could and probably should be crystalized:

1. I am glad I am here.

2. I feel fortunate to be experiencing this with my wife.

3. I have a deeper faith in God.

4. My hope in the leadership capabilities of the next generation is renewed.

5. I miss being with my family.

6. I love meeting, working with and serving people from all over the world.

7. Socialism dampens motivation.

8. A lack of education is more crippling than a lack of money.

9. Everyone has a life story to tell.

10. You can not replace time.

11. 90% of communication is non-verbal.

12. There are always good things and bad things happening in life and attitude is determined by which things we focus on.

13. A good listener will learn more from listening than a good speaker will learn by speaking.

14. There is not an overpopulation problem in the world, it is a distribution problem.

15. Crocodile does, in fact, taste like chicken.

16. Impure water makes impure ice cubes.

17. There really is a difference between a dry heat and a humid heat.

18. Chances are if you can hear them in the next room, they can hear you.

19. There is something different about praying while kneeling than in any other posture.

20. There really is a "law of the harvest"...that which you sow, you reap.

Etc, etc, etc!