Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bienal 2012

Resistencia is the sculpture capital of Argentina. Each year it hosts a week long festival where sculptors from all over the world come and create in a park, and where the public can watch and interact. I really wanted to go and see what it was like on the first day. Our friends, Pte. y Hermana Fernandez from the Resistencia Stake agreed to show us around. Here we go...

Diane with the Fernandezes at the entrance.

Sculptors submit beforehand their idea and preferred media. Based on that a select number of sculptors are invited to come and participate. These signs explain who the sculptor is, from where, the title of the work and a drawing of what it will look like when finished.

A wood sculptor.


The frame of a metal tubing sculpture.

Marble sculptor from Japan.

More marble sculptors.

I like how you can see this one taking shape.

And my personal favorite is this sculptor from Syria...check out his marble dust encrusted headwear! We hope to go back next Saturday to see the final products (we are traveling as usual this week)!


  1. Interesting! I bet the finished products will be really neat in person! And that is so cool Aunt Barbara came to visit-what a fun time!!