Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hot Topics

46 degrees Celsius is 114 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot...especially with 80% humidity and...the car was parked in the shade at the time!

I did a whole blog post on these dishes once, but this deserved an encore for my buddy Doug!

If you do not respect traffic lights you are dangerous...but you also learn that if only one person respects traffic lights it can be dangerous, too!

The new tablero after transfers is always a hot topic. The biggest surprise here is renaming the Goya Zone, "Rio Parana 1" and renaming the Reconquista Zone, "Rio Parana 2" to coincide with the realignment of the two member districts to be the new Rio Parana District.

And while I am checking out what is happening down by Brazil (on the other side of the river).

Diane was beating the heat by trying on shoes with some Hermanas during Pday. For those wondering, no they did not buy the gold sparklers! Nor the wedge, nor the platform!

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