Thursday, February 13, 2014

For Those of You Who Do Not Follow Me on Instagram

I try to put a photo related to the mission on Instagram each day. Some of these were posted there.

The Fort Knox of Chocolate Marshmellow Cookies!

A great picture of Diane (and the rest of us) taken in Barrio 1 in Resistencia.

Just happen to drop by the Mission Office with hair in need of a cut...before...

And after! The looks say it all. You are welcome, Elder!

We love it when Chris' mission buddies stop by with their wives for a visit...

And we love it when MY mission buddies stop by with their wives, too!

His Grandpa Mario had a moustache similar to one of those...

I saw this on the street in Corrientes and thought, "Pretty clever way to protect the seat and avoid burns when getting on"...

Then I walked a little farther and saw this and thought imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Two of my missionaries met a man in Ibarretta who said that my son Chris had taught him years ago and had this picture to prove it...

This photo was taken right after the young man who lent me his bike yelled to tell me that the bike did not have any brakes!

I love it when young women can not get enough of Diane.

Zone Leaders locking up a chapel in Formosa.

And if you are going to survive in Argentina, you better know your cuts of beef! Our local butcher hands out calendars with primers on cuts of beef!


  1. Diane, I love the photos of you in the pinkish coral shirt!! That's a great color on you! We love the mission Instagrams.

  2. What is your instagram name? We would love to follow.