Friday, February 7, 2014

Culinary Delights

Here is a sampling of some of the little things that have helped keep smiles on missionaries' faces...

Cinnamon Rolls (panes de canela)

Turkey, mash potatoes and all the trimmings (la pavita con todo)

Chicken salad, croissants and cookies (ensalada de pollo, medialunas y galletitas)

Barbecued steaks (bifes de chorizo a la parrilla)

Strawberry cupcakes with Skittles (cupcakes de frutilla con Skittles)

Oreo cupcakes (cupcakes de Oreos increíbles)

Dark chocolate wrapped white cake with chocolate creme filling (no hay palabras para describir la riqueza de esta favorita de todos)

Grilled hamburgers (hamburguesas al gringo)

The now world famous and highly sought after Lemon Brownies (brownies de limon celestiales)

The Master Chef hand picking the highest quality ingredients at the local market. (It is a good day for the vendors when Hermana Heyman shows up)

And, let's not forget that it is always a good day to buy stock in Mars Candy when Diane walks into a Walmart store!!!

PS: Diane says, "You are welcome, Warren!"

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