Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's Start December Off Right

With some mission pictures...

I gave this cute little girl the copy of The Book of Mormon that I was using at the Roque Saenz Peña District Conference.

Our son Taylor with Hermana Skirvin of the Chile Concepción Mission in the first picture. Her Sister, "Hermana Skirvin" is serving in our Mission at the same time in the second picture! Small world.

Box of Birthday Cards from the missionaries.

Thank you, President and Sister Arrington of the Chile Concepcion Mission for making this happen.

Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and the office Elders. Elders Hernandez and Garcia are experiencing their first taste of pumpkin pie!

Posing on a moto parked on the porch of the Chapel in Reconquista. It was a beautiful afternoon and evening.

This is the rain in Reconquista the very next day. And this was taken INSIDE the hotel parking garage. It is that time of year!

We have been receiving a lot of missionaries lately with some pretty interesting hair styles...are they having Rod Stewart look alike contests in the MTC these days? Faux hawk and Spikey seem to be the most popular. In the last group that arrived we "gifted" 13 free haircuts before we let the missionaries head out to their areas. Can't wait for our first "Mullet"!

We received a new resource manual to help missionaries deal with stress. Stress? What stress? Actually, the manual is excellent.

Every P-day I receive between 40-60 calls from missionaries. I actually love the calls and talking with the missionaries. It is a simple way to keep in contact with them. This picture of me as a baby shows I was being trained on proper phone technique at an early age! Eyes wide open and mouth agape!!

Today all of our missionaries are receiving a personal invitation to the Mission Christmas activity....for 260 people. Diane has already started baking cookies, etc!

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