Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here Are A Few Things That I Have Learned Along The Way...

1. How to eat a sandwich with one hand while it is still in a "Baggie" while I am driving so that the crumbs do not get all over the place.

2. When a missionary says he has several questions he wants to ask you he really isn't interested in the answers to the first two, he is just warming you up for the third and fourth ones!

3. A mosquito bite itches the same in South America as it does anywhere else in the world.

4. The next "hot" ice cream flavor to take the world by storm is Maracuya, or passion fruit.

5. If you drink a glass of milk after you have eaten watermelon you will die. (Local wives' tale that a remarkable number of people believe).

6. Most people do not realize that Mexicans are North Americans, too!

7. Every photograph you are in is fair game for Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

8. The less legible your signature is on a document the more likely the government will accept it as being real....and if you can put an ink stamp somewhere near your signature, it is as good as gold.

9. A Kilometer is 6/10 or, in other words, 3/5 of a mile...but after 2 years you start thinking in terms of kilometers instead of miles anyway.

10. More often than not a car will cut in front of you at a toll station and then you will have to sit and watch while the driver undoes his seat belt, takes his wallet out of his back pocket, hands the person in the booth a large domination bill, drops the change and gets out of the car to pick it up and then gets back in and stalls the car! Why do I always seem to pick the slowest lane anyway?

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