Friday, April 12, 2013

Not Quite Outtakes...

But photos that I ended up not using in previous blog posts. Nevertheless, I thought they might be fun to see...

I was going to surprise a visiting General Authority with my personal GPS unit but then decided against it. As Diane says, sometimes I think I am funnier than I am! (But this would have been funny)

It looks like the Elder second from the left is letting his mind wander a bit...but actually Elder Acuña was lowering the screen because Diane showed the video of when Curtis, Candace and Charlotte surprised us at the airport.

This is the jungle road that eventually leads to the hotel where we were when Diane had her stroke. I never could figure out a reason to post the picture, but it is a reminder that Diane REALLY was deep in the jungle at the time she had her stroke and how fortunate we are that she received such great medical treatment via telephone with Buenos Aires. Thank you, Dr. Brunt.

I was scouting out a trip we were going to take from Goya headed southeast to the Brazilian border. Looks like an easy road until you read at the top that it will take 3 hours and 9 minutes to travel 170 is a rough road...2 lane traffic and potholes!

I was going to post about our missionaries being superheroes (Diane gave a great presentation on this once) but this picture was not really very consistent with our dress code....still our missionaries really are our superheroes...

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