Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Pension Picture...for now

Me: Elder, tomorrow you are to buy a new stove and oven, do you understand? Call the Mission Office and the Secretaries will send the money.

Elder: Ok, but this one works fine.

Me: Tomorrow.

Elder: Ok.

This is what we were talking about....

Yes, it is sitting on a milk crate.


  1. Oh my gosh! So scary! I'm surprised the milk crate didn't melt-- but maybe their stove doesn't get very hot??

  2. I think its kinda cool.....just like camping out with the Boy Scouts.

  3. It is kind a cool for a camping trip, but having to use those day in and day out...
    My son is in Virasoto. He has not mention anything about what he's "apartment" looks like. Scary!

  4. Have u found any without a fridge? That happened to me twice.

  5. I won't say anything about our old, old pension in Posadas II....