Sunday, April 28, 2013

And the Truth shall set you free...

Here are a few truths about a mission that you may not know or have thought of...
1. Your phone can be silent for 8 hours...and then two people will try and call you at the same time.
2. If you eat before a meeting there will always be refreshments but if you do not eat, there will never be refreshments.
3. Raymond Heyman does NOT rhyme when you say it in Spanish.
4. Dogs are not as afraid of you as you are of them. That is just an excuse dog lovers made up to rationalize the unprovoked dog bites missionaries suffer.
5. There is more than one recipe for Seven Up soda. It does not taste the same in North and South America.
6. It does not matter how many Mercedes Benz cars your local dealership sells, the company is going to make gazillions of dollars in profit...because almost every tractor trailer cab outside of the U.S. is made by Mercedes Benz.
7. When a person tells you to come back by their home "tomorrow anytime", they are leaving town tonight.
8. Gallons or liters, miles or kilometers, Fahrenheit or Celsius, it really does not matter. But, pesos or you are onto something.
9. When you ask for a cake decorated in "red, white and blue"..."pink, white and blue" is NOT "close enough".
10. If you are going to be a gentleman and wait to eat until (1) everyone is served and (2) a female at the table has taken the first bite should let at least one of the females know so your food does not get cold while everyone is waiting for you to take the first bite!
And, a bonus...
11. Never, never, never assume that the faucet handle on the left is always hot water and the handle on the right is cold water when you step into the shower!!!

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