Friday, June 8, 2012

This Has To Be True Because You Can't Make These Types Of Things Up!

We had two water coolers in the Quincho. This old one that was connected to the water faucet and used a filter that had rarely been changed...

And this new one that dispenses treated bottled water...

So, I mentioned that I would like to get rid of the old one before Monday's Zone Leaders' Council. Moments later these two amateur "plumbers", Elders Gochnour and Gochez (my Assistants) came to take care of their own hands, so to speak. They seemed confident, eager and knowledgeable, so I let them go ahead.

What a Keystone Cops fiasco!!

First, they cut the waterline without shutting off the water, causing us to call in the bucket brigade for a few hours...

Then in an effort to cut off the water in order to fix the waterline they shut off the water to our neighbor! When the water kept pouring out of the waterline from the water cooler, they undertook a search for the real valve that would shut off the water to our house...which took a turn for the worse when Elder Gochnour found himself "in a most precarious position"!

You would think if he could get his head into that space, he could get it out...and you would be wrong! After a lot of laughing (Elder Gochnour is a great sport) we rescued him.

I figured the adventure had gone far enough and called a real plumber to come save us from the flood...and ourselves. Fortunately in Resistencia when you call a plumber at 7:30 pm on a Friday night he is at your house in 10 minutes!

The water shut off valve was actually on the roof! How did he know that?

Well, after that little surprise we all decided to just sit back and let the professional do his work...

Within a few minutes the flood had ceased, the neighbors had their water back on, we had our water back on, the old water cooler was disconnected and carried away, and the buckets were put back in storage. So, what did we all learn from this experience? Nothing, we were laughing too hard.

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