Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a Little Heads Up!

We noticed during Zone Conferences that about 45 minutes after lunch we were starting to lose the missionaries...drooping eyelids, blank stares and nodding heads. I was sure it had nothing to do with my spell binding presentation! Nevertheless, we decided that at right about half an hour after lunch we would interject a little mixer game. We put the names of characters from The Book of Mormon on post-its, placed a post-it on each missionary and gave them 10 minutes to go around and ask "si" o "no" questions to try and figure out which character they were. It was just what the doctor ordered...check the energy level out for yourself...

No, I did not have a post-it on my forehead.

Then it was back to more role playing.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

So, guess whose idea it was to mix things up with the little game? I will give you a hint...she's the magical one in the middle...


  1. i bet the missionaries loved the game for a little change up in routine!

    ps. mom - i loooove your cardigan in the last photo

  2. I love the group photo and Mom, super cute sweater!!

  3. Mom was paying more attention to The Office then we thought! Youtube "Office Diversity Training".