Friday, March 21, 2014

Los Hatch

We have been friends with Greg and Florence Hatch for years. This month they came to visit us for the second time since we have been here. It was a quick but fun few days.

They visited Paraguay first and crossed the border from Asuncion to Clorinda. You can not see the front of the line in this picture! But it was smooth sailing.

Their Paraguayan taxi cab driver was a retired airline pilot (notice the Mercedes Benz taxi) who immediately related to Greg who is a pilot that moonlights as a dentist.

They brought with them in those two suitcases over 500 pair of temple garments donated by our home ward for missionaries who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Thank you Pleasant First Ward!!!

While in Clorinda I visited with some missionaries and local leaders while Greg, Diane and Florence relaxed. Diane is on the phone with a missionary who is ill.

Greg reading a little bit in our home before we went out for a walk.

Sunday Greg and I went to Paso de los Libres for some business I had to take care of. It is a 4.5 hour drive each way, so that gave us plenty of time to catch up and solve the world's problems.

One of the things I did in Paso de los Libres was set apart Rodrigo Montiel to be a full time missionary in Osorno, Chile. After being set apart he shook hands with his former tango partner, Yamila Dos Santos....just a little more formal than the tango!!!

On Monday, our talented Office Elders put on a recital for us followed by a nice dessert that Diane prepared.

Speaking of desserts...along with walking all over Resistencia and shopping, etc., Florence and Diane managed to fill this bag with fresh treats for the Hatch's son, Ian who is serving a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay.

And all too quickly, they were off to Buenos Aires and then Uruguay. It was a great visit, thanks for coming!


  1. Looks like another great visit and again, I'm jealous!!!

  2. Moonlights as a dentist. Haha! What a blessing they were willing and successfully able to bring the garments. We love the Hatches!