Sunday, March 2, 2014


We keep on making connections with family and friends and family of friends and friends of is what I mean...

Future Elder Trotter and our daughter Jennifer at a practice of the Cultural Celebration for the Gilbert Temple. He has his mission call to Resistencia!

The Arringtons, our son Taylor's Mission President and wife.

Elder Taylor Lythgoe, one of "The Three Taylors"!

Hermana Saavedra, a dancer in Chile...

Hermana Saavedra, her twin sister a missionary in Resistencia!

The Sister on the right is a friend of my sister Barbara. The Sister on the left is the sister of my former Assistant, Will Gochnour.

Returned Hermana Rojas coming back to visit with us!

Our niece Chelsea at the MTC in Provo checking out our picture.

Hermana Skirvin, whose sister serves in Resistencia with Taylor in Chile.

Diane and me receiving a portrait of...Diane and me!

Elder Heyman and Elder He-man! A member artist drew that for him on the wall of his pension.

A missionary who served in Resistencia with our son, Chris.

Taylor with Andrew Lark, Chris' freshman roommate...both Andrew and Taylor ended up serving in the Chile Concepcion Mission...and there are too many friend and family connections to even begin mentioning.

Steve Rockwood and me. We knew of each other for years through our mutual friend Jeff Wells but met for the first time in Resistencia when he came with Elder Alan Packer on a family history tour!

This deserves its own blog post. Presidente La Pierre presides over the Posadas Mission, which split off from the Resistencia Mission. We met for the first time in the Posadas Airport. As we talked we learned that he had lived in Newburgh, New York at the same time I had lived in Poughkeepsie, New York...two small branches in neighboring communities in upstate New York. Who could have known that some 40 plus years later we would be presiding at the same time over the missionaries in Northern Argentina!!

Speaking of missionaries, this is just a great photo of Elder M. Russell Ballard and his wife at our Mission Presidents' Seminar in Santiago, Chile.

Now, these are two women on a mission!!! Diane and Debbie Carter were walking down an avenue in Buenos Aires with a purpose and determination. There was a large Carrefour Supermarket that Diane "just knew" would have canned tomato soup, which she could not find in Resistencia. One of the Office Elders gave her a recipe for his favorite cake and asked if she would bake it for him for his birthday...which is in April!!!! Anyway, it calls for a can of tomato soup and Diane was not going to let him down....

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