Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Mission First: We Took a P-Day!

We stayed in Roque Saenz Peña Friday, after Thursday's Zone Conference because Saturday and Sunday I preside over the District Conference there. So after taking care of some missionary issues in the morning we decided to get in our casual clothes and explore. First stop, the Sunflower fields...miles and miles of them!

Then we thought, "We have come this far, we might as well go all the way to Pampa del Infierno" or, the "Grasslands of Hell." It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, but worth it to say we were there...

Finally, we went to the Zoo outside of Roque Saenz Peña. We really liked it. You drive and walk all over the place. It is a little rustic, so it has a nice feel and it has picnic areas. The occasional loose animal gave it a sense of adventure as well....

Walking down one of the paths lined with cages.

Our favorite...Toucans.

This lioness was feeding her newborn cubs, who were fighting over location and position. There were a lot of male lions, too, and for some reason there was a roaring fest going on while we were there.

The parrot was not in the mood to talk much.

There were black, brown and grizzly bears.

The hippo was pretty fun to was hard to find, but fun to see!

This peacock was one of the few that stayed inside its designated pen.

The monkey is using a stick to try and steal food from his neighbor through the fence!

A free range peacock strutting around the zoo.

And my favorite was this camouflage-challenged alligator. You don't fool us, we don't think you are a plant!! There were llamas (I always think of Ron Davies when I see llamas), tigers, Cape buffalo, deer and many more animals there. It was a fun day...and then the phone started ringing again...!

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