Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weather is Changing.

The weather changes quickly here. One day it is hot and humid. The next day it is raining (the essence of humidity) and the day after that it can be pleasant or cold. And then the cycle begins again. I got into the Hi Lux, turned on the engine and this is what greeted me...

Now, before you start to wonder how it could get so cold, notice the little "c" by the number 11. That means "Celsius" which translates into about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it was not too bad at all. In the 50s, 60s and 70s. It was nice enough for me to walk to and from my office today (with my overcoat). Of course, yesterday it rained the whole way while I drove from Pasos de los Libres to Resistencia. So, who knows what tomorrow has in store. This will actually be our third winter in Argentina (July 2011, 2012 and now 2013). I actually have made it through a number of winters in the country...1975, 1976 and during visits from 1997-2005. But I have to say the variety and unpredictability of the weather now in Resistencia and this northeastern part of Argentina is a fun challenge and actually keeps things lively.

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  1. President and Sister Heyman,
    This is my informal not of inexplicable gratitude for all the love, care, guidance, concern, and support you have shown for my son Elder Child. He has LOVED his mission and has so often commented on his love for both of you. Of course I'm counting the days until I get that long awaited hug. But it is bitter sweet even for me to see this journey to come to an end. I know the Lord has great things in store for this amazing young man and I cannot wait to watch it unfold. I know he has learned what the Lord sent him there to learn and now he has the tools to take on whatever life throws his way.

    From this mom way down in Texas I send a Texas size amount of appreciation for all that you have done to help Matthew along the way over the past two years. I hope to some day meet you in person since anyone my son loves as much as you two, you are part of this family.

    With Love,
    Sharon Child