Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All I Wanted Was My Missionaries

We went to the airport today to pick up our new arriving missionaries. I was surprised at how many people were at the airport. Normally, it is just Diane, my Assistants, a few people waiting for family and me. This time there was a mob!

The professional soccer team Independiente came to town and apparently they have a huge fan base in Resistencia.

As soon as a player would come out of the baggage area people would run up and have their picture taken with him or hug him or just touch him! Obviously the teams's colors are red and white!

And if that was not enough, I noticed a lot of "altos y rubios" coming off the plane that were not Mormon missionaries. Then this little sign caught my eye...

Yes, the Beach Volleyball World team from the United States was on the flight, too. And while they were not Mormon missionaries, it turns out that two of them were Mormon. Including Jacob Gibb from California, who told me he started singing "Called to Serve" on the bus that took the group from the airport to the plane in Buenos Aires to see if the missionaries would approach him. The funny part is that all of the missionaries that arrived were from Latin America and do not speak English. They told me they thought one of them was trying to sing it, so they just let it go! Here is Jacob Gibb towering over my Assistants at the Airport.

Finally, my missionaries came. I had to greet them and help with the baggage so I did not get a picture of them. But, they are all rock stars in Diane's and my book!


  1. That's awesome! I like the smiles on your assistants' faces.

  2. President and Sister Heyman, I am grateful that for your blog. Our missionary, Hermana Johansen is anxiously awaiting the time she can join you in Argentina.