Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tablero Madness!

Transfers of missionaries are announced every 6 weeks by emailing a mission roster (called a "Tablero" or tablet) with the new companionships and assignments to the Zone Leaders, who then call each of the affected missionaries and inform them. The Tablero looks like this:

The Tablero is emailed around 9 pm at night. The 15 Zone Leaders have to download the email from their local internet cafe (missionaries do not have their own computers).

The day of transfers the rumors and speculation reach frenzied proportions...think the human equivalent of this...

Yesterday was transfer day. Yesterday was also day 2 of the national holiday celebrating the start of Carnaval. Guess what closes for national holidays...the internet cafes!!!

So, this is what the Assistants did all...night...long...("Hola Elder, tengo noticias!)

Until the very last call was made and the very last question was answered...

We just love it when everything goes smoothly!

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