Thursday, April 24, 2014

News...You Are Not Going To Like

First, I have more blog entries with pictures that will not post. I save them and keep trying to post them, but I get a failure notice. I will keep trying.

Second, and most important for parents and loved ones of missionaries: Please do not send any more packages to your missionaries from outside of Argentina.

The Church has instructed us to discontinue to pick up packages from Argentine Customs Offices. This is mainly due to the increased and still increasing cost of retrieving the packages which has been paid by the Church up to this point and has become prohibitive. This does not apply to packages that are sent from within Argentina as they do not go through Customs.

We will continue to retrieve packages from Customs for the next several weeks. However, if you have not sent a package, please do not as there is a considerable delay in the time it takes for a package that you send to be released by customs. (For example, last week I received a small package of pen refills that my daughter sent to me in November.)

I know that loved ones want to send their missionaries packages. We enjoy receiving them as well as sending them to our son who is currently serving in Chile. But, for now please do not send them from outside of Argentina to missionaries in the mission. I am sure that some creative loved ones will find alternative ways to show their love and support for their missionaries. A few suggestions that have been passed along are to put some funds in the missionary's personal account or wire funds through Western Union for the missionary to buy what would otherwise have been sent in a package, etc. I am sure there are other suggestions.

The missionaries will be fine. You will be fine. My wife and I will be fine. We all hope that this restriction is temporary. Thank you for understanding...???!!!

Post Script: There is a part of me that was hoping that my Blog App would not accept or post this entry and I could have the satisfaction of knowing I tried to let everyone know...without actually disappointing anyone...but as my luck would have it, it looks like this entry posted just fine.


  1. No more trips to the Aduana! Que va a hacer el secretario de recursos misionales? Estudiar?

  2. Thanks President Heyman for all that you do. We know our missionary will be okay. He's in good hands. Thank you!

  3. Thank you from the Crimans in Utah! We sure appreciate all that you and your wife do. There are so many people in Resistencia that have had such a great influence on our son. Thank you!

  4. Thank you President and Sister Heyman for all you do for the missionaries and for the Lord. We understand. We know our missionary will be fine without packages, we're only concerned that we sent a package (envelope) 2 days before this post and hope that he will get it.