Sunday, January 26, 2014

Throwback Sunday

Here are a few fun pictures from the past, some have not been posted before:

Elder Ferrari and me going to a lesson.

Taylor with Hermana Skirvin from the Chile Concepcion Mission.

Her sister Hermana Skirvin serves in the Argentina Resistencia Mission with us!

Curtis and me playing baseball at BankOne Ballpark for the Diamondbacks before the mission to a packed house!

One of my favorite Grandpa pictures...the shirts say "We love Papa" the body language says "But we don't love standing around and posing for pictures". Since this picture 3 more grandchildren have been born.

Listening to my iPod while polishing missionaries' shoes!

My whole life I have enjoyed just shooting baskets by myself for hours at a time. So I made this little court at the Mission even has lights for night shooting.

Graciela's grandson, Valentino! My buddy!!

Benjamin Tau, my other buddy!

Elder Luengo back home in Concepcion with Taylor!

A little visual I have to help remind the missionaries of what their focus should and should not be here in the mission.

And to close this out...a few of my returned Hermanas loving life back home! (Once you post it, it is posted!)

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  1. That baseball picture is great, but I think the grandkids pic tops it!! I'm sure it took a lot of effort to coordinate getting those shirts on those kids and those kids together for a picture but it will be so fun to look back on as time passes.