Saturday, March 16, 2013


This week we had some visitors come to the mission. From the Young Women's General Presidency, Sister Ann Dibb. From the Primary General Presidency, Sister Cheryl Esplin. Here they are with Diane...

But I am getting a head of myself. They also came with Elder and Sister Zeballos of the Area Presidency and Elder and Sister Avila of the Seventy. Add a few other security people from Buenos Aires and, of course, Diane had (HAD) to make 12 welcome bags, mission logo and name tags included. The bags had banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, trail mix (all made by Diane), an apple ("blogs are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree...") bottled water, a hand fan and embroidered handkerchief for the women and a handkerchief for the men, mints, hand gel and a laminated "Family Proclamation/Testimony of the Living Christ" in Spanish, photo of Christ (Mark Mabry) with some Kleenix.

At the hotel, while we were waiting for the guests to come into the Lobby, Elder Avila saw the grand piano and decided to round up an impromptu choir with his wife, the two Sister Missionaries (who we enlisted to provide translation for the guests) and a familiar looking pianist.

We split up in two vehicles and visited some families that live in Resistencia. We were with Sister Esplin and had an amazing time making "it is a small world" connections. For example, our niece Lisa lives in her son's ward in California and just happened to be picking up Sister Esplin's granddaughter to take her to school. How did we know? Lisa posted this for us on Instagram!

And, Sister Esplin's son Brian and our son Curtis served their missions together in Campinas Brazil, etc., etc. A quick call to Curtis confirmed Brian was, "a great missionary and good friend". We were able to visit with some wonderful people. Here is one family we will never forget.

They are all talented, too. Among other things, they love to draw and wanted Diane to have a keepsake to take with her.

We had some training and leadership meetings with local members and Diane and I were very proud of our Sister Missionaries who were the translators. Here is Sister Elizabeth Sweet in action.

And, of course, Resistencia and Corrientes put on quite a show. From the fresh fish...

To the fresh vegetables sold from the farm wagon...

to all of the great people. It was a great visit for us. Thank you everyone who came!


  1. That is quite the welcome package!! I'm sure all of your visitors loved it!

  2. Great to talk to you both today. Get some rest!

  3. Sounds wonderful! I can only imagine the smell of that fish...