Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Argentine spanish is called castellano (castillian). So if you mix words from English and Castellano it is not "spanglish" it is casteyankee (so says Diane). Here are just a few words that you may recognize regardless of which language you speak:

Word in castellano- Word in English

Feedbac- Feedback
Auto- Auto
Pin- Pin
Walmart- Wal-Mart
Enfasis- Emphasis
Record- Record
Super- Super
Skype- Skype
Bigmac- Big Mac
Rol- Role
Internet- Internet

So, a few examples:

I went en mi auto a Wal-Mart.
Vamos a Skype por el internet.
Quiero un Bigmac...no, make that un super Bigmac.
Charles Barkley no es un rol model.
Here's some feedbac positivo.
Tanto heat es un nuevo record.
The children played pin la cola en el burro.

See how easy it is? So, if you want to come down to La Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia but are hesitant because you don't speak the language...no importa, we all hablamos casteyankee!

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