Saturday, August 25, 2012

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!....otra vez en la Argentina

Today is Diane's birthday! Happy Birthday Diane! It is her second birthday celebration in Argentina. The second celebration in the province of Misiones, too!

Last year we were here...

Iguazu Falls...

This year we are in Posadas for a Stake Conference and then two Zone Conferences. Not much of a break for Diane, but last night the Tau family invited us over for a nice celebration...

Missing from the picture is their son Facu (who went to bed early) and Pte. Tau (the photographer). We had sandwhiches, empenadas and my favorite soda, "Mirinda Manzana". The 23rd of August was Hermana Tau's birthday, so Diane made a dessert treat...individual banana cakes with a dulce de leche topping and banana and dulce de leche ice cream. Incredibly good!

It is raining today so with a cloudy day and meetings to attend, it is a quiet birthday...we need to change that fast!

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  1. Cute pics! I like your dress Mom! Hope it was a good one. We love you!