Thursday, March 22, 2012

Los Tesoros De La Mision

Diane introduced me to Terrabusi Brownie Alfajores. They are incredible. I announced (a few times) to the office Elders that I had found the REAL treasures (tesoros) of the mission...Terrabusi Brownie Alfajores. Each office Elder argued that he had his own brand of alfajor that tasted better. I disagreed. I guess the Elders decided they had enough of me and my tesoros de la mision. When I arrived at the Mission Office today I was told that there would be an alfajor tasting contest.

I was taken to a neutral site. Different alfajores were cut up into pieces and put in front of me. I had to close my eyes and pieces were handed to me.

I had to eat a piece, clean my "palate" with water and then eat another.

At the end I had to choose which alfajor tasted the best. I had no idea which alfajor was which or which piece was which alfajor...but, based on flavor, texture, taste of chocolate and quality of dulce de leche, I chose...

Terrabusi Brownie Alfajores!!!!

Now scientifically proven to be Los Tesoros de la Mision!


  1. This made me laugh! Love the pics. We sure do love you!

  2. haha I love that the elders set this up!

    When Sam was in high school his dad did the same thing to him, but with orange juice. Sam always complained whenever his dad bought cheaper or store brand orange juice, so he gave him a taste test with like 3 or 4 different brands. Sam guessed them all right!

    I guess you two have sophisticated palates :)

  3. This post makes me happy. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a food taste tester.